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Amanda Beard Playboy pics hit Web today

Amanda Beard PlayBoy Cover

The wailing and gnashing of teeth from millions of Amanda Beard fans in frustration at the imminent release of Amanda Beard in Playboy ended today as the photos were finally made available for viewing on the Internet. That’s not to say her fans will be silent now, but the noises emitted by them will no doubt be more of a “fap fap fap” sound.

The fifteen Amanda Beard Pictures mostly feature her in some way associated with water and are in various settings and in color and black and white. This seems appropriate considering she is an Olympic swimmer, a veteran of three Olympic Games and would you believe currently in training for her fourth in Beijing in 2008.

The photos are actually quite artistically done although a couple look a tad too airbrushed on the face which is par for the course for Playboy pictures.

Thanks Amanda! Now that I’ve seen all of you, I very much look forward to seeing more of you at the Beijing Olympics Games in 2008 preferably wearing at least a gold medal this time!

Most of the pictures are of course NSFW as they show Amanda Beard nude and also of course are copyright Playboy so I can’t put them up here. Ok I warned you. Click to see the pics of Amanda Beard in Playboy .

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PLAYBOY July 2007 Preview

According to Playboy, the following is a summary of what will be featured in the July 2007 print issue as well as online at the Playboy Cyber Club.

The Red-Hot Summer IssuePlayboy delivers a bounty of warm-weather pleasures including fast girls, fast cars, blockbuster action heroes, brilliant beach reads, a grilling tip or two and a return to the summer of love.

ok here’s the part we are waiting for: Amanda Beard in Playboy…drool…droool

Amanda Beard The record-breaking swimmer loses her swimsuit for a mouth-watering layout. Daniela Federici captures the photo finish.

uh and here is the rest just in case you were interested in that.

Bruce Willis In Live Free or Die Hard, one of the founding fathers of the action-hero movie returns to the role that made him famous. Yippee-ki-yay, motherfucker! A relentless Playboy Interview by David Sheff

The Dark Side of the Summer of Love Boomers recall the summer of 1967 as a halcyon period accented with free love, soft drugs and hair bestrewn with flowers. But investigative reporter Frank Owen uncovers a different story that traces the roots of America’s current crystal-meth epidemic to the epicenter of hippiedom, San Francisco’s Haight-Ashbury district.

The Girls of Montauk At the far end of Long Island sits a tiny resort town that has some of the most winsome women to be found anywhere. Peak season begins now. Photography by Michael Dweck

State of the UnionGodwin Pope knows there’s no one in America better equipped to be president than he is. So how did he end up as vice president to a crude, ineffective bumpkin? And what can he do about it? An excerpt from the satirical novel The Coup, by Playboy’s Jamie Malanowski

The Girlfriend Experience According to the Erotic Review, Nikki Avalon is among the most highly rated escorts in Vegas. What’s her secret? As in many industries, success depends on a great product combined with great service. A curious profile by Erik Hedegaard

Danica Patrick In the midst of her third Indy season, Andretti Green’s prize driver is hotter than a jalapeƱo in Death Valley. Jason Buhrmester catches her for a blazing 20Q.

The Open Road A celebration of hitting the highway, written from behind the wheel of the incomparable Ford GT. And while we’re on the subject, here are some great places — from Montreal for the Jazz Festival to Mount Hood for snow skiing — you can drive to this summer.

Plus: Iceland’s midnight sun, swimwear that works at both beach and bar, and Miss July Tiffany Selby.

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Amanda Beard Playboy Cover Leaked

Congrats to SI for getting the scoop on the Amanda Beard Playboy cover which was leaked on the net a few minutes ago! Looks like they overdid it a bit with the makeup and airbrush but hopefully it won’t detract too much from her hotness!

Amanda Beard PlayBoy Cover

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Another Amanda Beard Video from SI photo shoot

I found another Amanda Beard Video. This one is from the Sports Illustrated swimsuit photo shoot she did.
This should open a windows media player
Amanda Beard Sports Illustrated photo shoot video

If not cut and paste this mms url into Windows Media Player (file/open url)


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Amanda Beard Video of FHM photo shoot

While you are waiting for Olympic athlete Amanda Beard’s upcoming Playboy pics to be released, you might want to check out this behind the scene video of Amanda Beard doing her FHM sports photo shoot courtesy of FHM Online (you need flash installed/enabled to watch)

Amanda Beard Video One

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Amanda Beard in Playboy

05abeard0316zu.jpgWell my dreams have finally come true. Amanda Beard, my all time favorite Olympic swimmer from the 2004 Athens Olympics Games has agreed to pose nude in Playboy. It’s been announced in several places that she will appear in the July issue of Playboy magazine both on the cover and in a pictorial.

She is not new to modeling, having done an FHM shoot in 2004 right around the time of the Olympics and numerous product endorsements since then but this is the first time we will see Amanda Beard naked. As I recall there were quite a bunch of olympians who agreed to pose nude or almost nude in various magazines and calenders ast the last Olympics. I think people were calling it “The Nude Olympics” because of the large number of naked olympians in print at the time. way more than the 2000 Sydney games or the 1996 Atlanta games.

There were about ten or so female olympians who posed nude in Playboy at the time. The issue from memory was called Women Of The Olympics in the same theme as their subsequent women of walmart or women of mcdonalds etc issues.

Anyhow the word on the street is that we will be able to download Amanda Beard in Playboy pictures at the end of the first week of June which is only a few days away from the online edition called Playboys Cyberclub which has the same pictures as the printed issue but comes out several weeks earlier.

I can’t wait! Amanda is even in training hoping for a shot at the 2008 Beijing Olympics can you believe it? That would be her fourth! I hope this trend with top athletes agreeing to pose naked continues as I have a few more girls on my list of wanting to get a closer look at.